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Essence Private Psilocybin Retreat Program – Netherlands

LOCATION: Netherlands


Embark on a transformative experience tailored just for you or your close circle. Our exclusive three-day Private Essence psychedelic retreat in the heart of the Netherlands invites you to delve deep into your consciousness, guided by experienced psychedelic facilitators.

Prior to your journey, we ensure a comprehensive pre-screening to tailor the experience to your personal needs and aspirations. During your retreat, our facilitators will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring a safe, profound, and enlightening experience. Whether you’re seeking self-discovery, emotional healing, or a deeper connection with those around you, our Private Essence retreat offers your perfect setting.

Suitable for individuals or small groups of 2-4 who share a bond, our retreat creates an intimate, supportive environment. Here, in the serene Dutch landscapes, you’ll find the space to grow, reflect, and reconnect.

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of your mind and soul.

We provide tailor made private psychedelic retreat program in the Netherlands. Our private retreat program usually spans 3 days and is offered by one or more experienced psychedelic facilitators and has a pre-screening and integration process.

This is what your private essence retreat program could look like:

Pre-Journey Preparation:

  • Application & Screening: Begin your journey with a thorough application and screening process, ensuring a retreat experience that aligns with your needs.
  • Choose Your Facilitator(s): Select from our team of experienced facilitators to guide your retreat.
  • Preparatory Consultation: Engage in an initial consultation with your lead facilitator to set intentions and prepare for your journey.

On Retreat – A Three-Day Immersive Experience:

  • Venue: Spend three days at a stunning private center in the Netherlands, designed for tranquility and introspection.
  • Psilocybin Session: Participate in a carefully guided session with fresh psilocybin truffles, offering a heroic dose for profound insights.
  • Accommodation: Enjoy two nights of comfortable, peaceful accommodation.
  • Full-Time Facilitation: Benefit from the constant support of trained facilitators throughout your stay.
  • Private Transfers: Receive private transfers to and from the retreat center from Amsterdam, Schiphol, or your hotel.
  • Organic Meals: Indulge in all-inclusive, organic, vegetarian meals crafted for wellness.
  • Movement and Mindfulness: Engage in movement practices, Yoga, and embodiment techniques tailored to enhance your experience.
  • Breathing Workshops: Explore various breathing techniques including pranayama, conscious connected breath, and circular breathing.
  • Nature Walks: Connect with nature through guided walks in the serene surroundings.
  • Optional Activities: Depending on your preferences, enjoy additional offerings like relaxing massages and sound healing sessions.

Post-Retreat Integration:

  • Integrative Sessions: Participate in three sessions post-retreat to integrate your experiences into daily life.
  • Continued Support: Gain access to follow-up options, referrals, and an integration workbook for sustained personal growth.
  • Community Access: Receive lifetime access to our community, connecting you with a network of like-minded individuals.

Example Retreat Schedule

Day 1: Arrival and Preparation

  • 18:00 – Personalized pick-up from the airport or hotel.
  • 19:00 – Arrival at the retreat venue. The evening begins with a welcoming dinner, an introduction to the retreat during the opening circle, followed by an early night to rest and prepare for the transformative experience ahead.

Day 2: Exploration and Reflection

  • Morning: Start your day with an invigorating Yoga session and meditation to center your mind and body, followed by a nourishing breakfast.
  • Mid-day: Experience a guided psilocybin session, designed to foster deep personal insights and emotional breakthroughs.
  • Evening: Engage in a reflective session with professional support to process your experiences, followed by a communal dinner. The day concludes with evening integration practices, helping you to assimilate the day’s insights.

Day 3: Integration and Farewell

  • Morning: Another early start with Yoga and meditation to ground your experiences, accompanied by breakfast. The morning is dedicated to further integration activities and support, allowing you to fully embrace and understand your journey.
  • 12:00 – 13:00: Participate in a closing circle, marking the end of your retreat and the beginning of your journey forward.
  • 15:00 – Depart from the venue with arranged transportation, ensuring arrival at your drop-off point by 15:00, or earlier upon request

Booking Conditions

  • To initiate the screening process, a deposit of €150 is required. This deposit will be credited towards your retreat fee upon successful qualification for the program.
  • Please note, the program fee excludes the cost of flights and transportation to the Netherlands. For your convenience, we can assist in arranging transport options upon request.
  • For guests with early flights on the retreat’s final day, we offer the convenience of arranging private taxis. This service is available at an additional cost. Our venue is conveniently located just an hour’s drive from the airport.
  • Our refund policy is as follows: Cancellations made more than 60 days before the event start date are eligible for a full refund. Cancellations occurring between 30 to 59 days before the start date will receive a 50% refund. Please note, cancellations within 29 days of the event start date are non-refundable.
  • We encourage you to review our full Terms & Conditions for a comprehensive understanding of our policies. This ensures a smooth and transparent booking experience.

Booking Your Private Retreat at Essence: Your Journey Begins Here

  1. Initial Contact:
    • Reach Out: To embark on your transformative retreat with Essence, start by sending us an email at Include your personal contact details for us to connect with you.
    • Schedule Your Consultation: Upon receiving your email, we will provide you with a special link to schedule your initial call with us. This call is an important step in tailoring your retreat experience.
  2. Selecting Your Dates:
    • Flexible Scheduling: Whether you’re planning to attend solo or with a group, we can accommodate you. We’ll work together to find suitable dates for your retreat in one of our serene centers in the Netherlands.
    • Date Confirmation: Please note, your retreat dates will be tentatively held but are not fully confirmed until the completion of our screening process and your subsequent approval for participation.
  3. Finalizing Your Plans:
    • Travel Arrangements: We advise against making any travel arrangements until your participation in the retreat is confirmed post-screening. This ensures that your plans align seamlessly with your retreat schedule.

By following these steps, you can smoothly initiate your journey to a private retreat at Essence. Our team is dedicated to providing a personalized and enriching experience, right from the start.


  1. Single Participant:
    • With One Facilitator: €5,950.00
    • With Two Facilitators: €7,450.00
  2. Two Participants (Price Per Person):
    • With One Facilitator: €4,500.00
    • With Two Facilitators: €5,500.00
  3. Three Participants (Price Per Person):
    • With Two Facilitators: €4,750.00
  4. Four Participants (Price Per Person):
    • With Two Facilitators: €4,250.00