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What are psilocybin truffles?

Since 2008 magic mushrooms have been illegal in the Netherlands, as is the case for many other countries. But in the Netherlands they make a distinction between magic mushrooms and magic truffles. The latter are not illegal. Possession of a limited quantity of psilocybin is legal in Holland, making it possible to discover the profound effects of this drug.

In this article we will discuss what gives psilocybe truffles their magic, the differences between magic truffles and magic mushrooms and some general advice on dosage and how to consume. Last but not least, we end this article with a how-to guide on where and how to experience psilocybe truffles.

The magic of truffles

Perhaps you know truffles that can be used for cooking? Well, of course psilocybin truffles are a bit different. A mushroom forms a huge network of connected threads that form the so called mycelium of a mushroom. This mycelium can harden when the temperature is not optimal or when moisture and nutrients are scarce. The compact mass that is created as a result is called truffles.

Magic mushrooms use their truffles, called sclerotia, to store nutrients and energy for times of drought. Only in optimal conditions the fruiting body of the mushroom (the part above ground) will continue to grow. Once the conditions are more harsh the mushroom starts storing his energy in truffles for later usage.

The differences between magic mushrooms and psilocybin truffles

Around 200 kinds of mushrooms are able to produce psilocybin and psilocin, the active compounds that make these mushrooms “magical”, so to speak. Only a smart portion of the 200 species is able to produce psilocybin truffles.

Psilocybin truffles and psilocybin mushrooms (magic mushrooms) contain the same active compounds:

  • Psilocin
  • Psilocybin
  • Baeocystin

But, as you know by now, psilocybe truffles grow underground and magic mushrooms grow out of the ground when the optimal conditions for growth are met.

Trip differences

You might wonder: If magic truffles and magic mushrooms are so similar, why did the Dutch government not ban them both? The answer: potency.

It is reported that trips caused by psilocybin truffles are more mild, have less intense hallucinations and people that are consuming these truffles are still able to function motorically and socially. Magic mushrooms are thought to be more intense, causing a heaver introspective journey than mild magic truffles.

The strange part is that chemically psilocybe truffles and magic mushrooms are identical. So in theory a high dose of truffles can give you the same effects as a dosage of magic shrooms.

How to consume psilocybin truffles

Truffles can be consumed in a variety of different ways. For the most potent effect it is advised to take them on an empty stomach.

Consuming truffles can be done in a couple of ways. The most convenient way is to just chew them up and swallow them. Some people do not like the taste and as such they prefer to grind the truffles to a powder and mix that with water or another drink. Other people like to eat some chocolate or nuts to help mask the peculiar taste of the magic truffles.

Dosage of psilocybe truffles

If you live in Europe psilocybe truffles can be bought online as dosed packages. Usually a 15 gram dose is adviced for some solid trippy effects. Please note the required dosage is dependent upon:

  • Your previous experience with psychedelics
  • Your body weight
  • Your mindset and intentions

For instance, more experienced users may require 30 to 50 gram doses to get the same effect. This is because of the resistance that the body creates after a dose. As such it is not so easy to trip on a magic truffle for consecutive days. You might experience the best results when there are at least 10 days in between trips.

Effects of psilocybin truffles

The first effects of psilocybin truffles become noticeable after around 30 to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that psilocybe truffles will most of the time amplify the current mood you are experiencing. Therefore it is advised that you only take them when you are feeling both physically and mentally well.

Effects of truffles can range from person to person and from trip to trip. Most well-known effects of these truffles are:

1.     Changes in sensory perception

Your senses seem to be heightened. Visions, physical sensations and sounds intensify. Colors seem to be stronger and more intense. Objects can look wavy or even seem to have a pulse. Things can also look larger or smaller than they actually are. Another well-reported effect of the truffles is synesthesia, meaning your senses kind of blend together; you can “smell” sounds or “see” a particular sound. A higher dose of magic truffles can give you visual and auditory hallucinations.

2.     Changes in perception of time

Your perception of time can be completely skewed. Minutes can seem like hours. Sometimes it can feel as if time itself stops existing.

3.     Connectedness

You will feel more connected, with yourself, the people around you and nature in general. This is also one of the reasons why a “Ceremony” (a magic truffle journey) can be such a deep, mystical experience.

4.     Enhanced creativity

During the journey you will probably be more creative. You can see connections that where not there before. You are more open to new ideas.

5.     Changes in emotional states

Your emotions during the journey can vary, from laughing to crying. Most people experience this as a release and the journey overall feels pleasant. There may be some anxiety at the start, but usually this will fade away.

6.     Physical feelings

Please also note that some people experience nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, weakness in muscles and a lack of coordination. This has mostly to do with the quality of the psilocybe truffles that are consumed. High quality truffles, that are cared for and grown responsibly, will give less negative effects like these. As such, it might still be a good idea to experience magic truffles in a guided “Ceremony” – more on that later.

Duration of the psilocybin truffles trip

The trip will usually last somewhere between 4 tot 6 hours, with a so called “peak” lasting 2 to 4 hours in which visuals and distortion of reality are more intense.

Most meaningful experience

A study performed at John Hopkins University concluded that 80% of the people that ingested psilocybin reported an overall increase in well-being in the months afterwards. Even 14 months later most people reported the experience as one of the most meaningful experiences of their entire life. Of all participants 39% even stated that the experience was the single most meaningful experience of their entire life.

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