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Psychedelic retreats – What are the benefits?

Know yourself. This ancient Greek maxim is as important now as it was way back then. A psychedelic retreat can definitely help you get to know yourself. `

In this article we will discuss which psychedelic retreats are available and what the different benefits are.

Why go on a psychedelic retreat?

Perhaps you want to break free from your stressful life. You want to experience calmness and oneness. Or you might want to experience a breakthrough helping you to get to the next level in your life. Whatever your goal, a psychedelic retreat might be the next step you are looking for.

We all know personal growth can be hard and time consuming. So why not turn to the wisdom of ancient shamans? They already knew the potent effects of herbs and magic mushrooms. Shamans used to ingest mushrooms to go on visionary quests and come back with new insights about themselves, their tribe and the journey ahead. The good news is that you do not have to be a shaman to experience this. Psychedelic retreats make it possible for you to experience a new level of personal insight that you never have experienced.

Stressfree environment

During a psychedelic retreat you immerse yourself in a stress-free natural environment where there is space for yourself, your thoughts and emotions. A safe, nurturing environment is crucial for the optimal psychedelic experience.

During a retreat there is great care for preparation beforehand and integration afterwards. You will be advised on how to mentally and physical prepare yourself. Mind and body need to be ready for this profound experience. Expert guides are there to guide you through your inner journey, leaving you with enough space to explore on your own and offer some reassuring assistance when you need it.

A psychedelic retreat is the perfect way to get to know yourself.

Different types of psychedelic retreats

There are various types of retreats you can join. Ranging from an intense ayahuasca retreat to a more mild psilocybin retreat. Which retreat is best suited for you is based on your intention. What do you hope to find on your retreat? What part of your psyche do you want to explore?

A psychedelic retreat is open to anyone, it is not just reserved for wealthy people or extremely spiritual people. There are no stereotypes, a psychedelic retreat is accessible to anyone who wants to join.

Psychedelic retreat with Ayahuasca

When thinking about a psychedelic retreat perhaps an ayahuasca retreat comes to mind. These retreats are becoming more and more mainstream. Usage of ayahuasca has been part of the culture of indigenous tribes all over the Amazon basin. The usage of ayahuasca is completely legal in the norther part of South America. As such many people come to Peru, Colombia and Brazil to experience a psychedelic ayahuasca retreat. There are some retreats in the Netherlands as well, but please be advised that ayahuasca was banned since 2018 in this country.

An ayahuasca retreat can be intense. It is a very potent psychedelic that can force you to reconcile with past trauma or your ‘Shadow’ – as psychotherapist Jung would have called it.

DMT retreat

Another form of psychedelic retreat is the 5-MeO-DMT retreat, which focusses on the usage of this powerful psychedelic. 5-MeO-DMT helps you dissolve your ego and establish oneness with the universe. It offers a very profound and mystical experience. Please note this substance is illegal almost everywhere, expect for Mexico and Canada. As a result, there are not many retreats available.

DMT administration is mostly done through smoking (or ingested through ayahuasca). A typical DMT session lasts up to 20 minutes, the peak of the experience kicks in at around 2 minutes. DMT is reported to have long-lasting and life-changing effects, like reducing depression, relieving anxiety and letting go of addiction.

Iboga retreat

Ibogaine offers a long-lasting dream-like effect which can last for extended periods of time, sometimes up to 24 hours. Ibogaine is very helpful in overcoming addiction, dealing with stress and depression and reducing fear. An Ibogaine induced trip is sure to shake your world and make a lasting impact.

An Ibogaine trip is sure to be filled with random images and memories. There seems to be no consistency. This can be hard for our (spiritual) ego, which is attached to the stories we tell ourselves. Ibogaine does not care for this story. It cleans your consciousness, similar to how you would defragment your PC to get rid of old, unnecessary files.

San Pedro retreat

Huachuma, or San Pedro, is a psychedelic cactus which trip can establish connectedness with the universe. You will feel an awareness of the things around you, mostly accompanied by intense euphoria, strong sensory feelings and spiritual insights.

San Pedro grows in South America, so there will be some overlap between San Pedro retreats and Ayahuasca retreats. Some psychedelic retreats are available in which San Pedro is consumed at day and Ayahuasca at night – please note; this is not for the faint of heart.

Psychedelic retreat with psilocybin

Psilocybin is the compound that is found in magic mushrooms and psilocybin truffles. On a molecular level it is quite the same as DMT.

The intensity of psilocybin is more mild in comparison to ayahuasca. There is no vomiting (“purging”) involved with this drug. Psilocybin journeys are kind and overall pleasant. However, psilocybin does get intense and a journey with this drug can take you to a new state of consciousness.

A psilocybin retreat is not as time-consuming as, for instance, an ayahuasca retreat, which can last up to fourteen days or even longer. A magic truffle or magic mushroom retreat can last as short as a few days or – at most – a week.

Going on a psychedelic retreat is sure to give you an emotional, spiritual and mental experience that you will not soon forget. This mind-altering experience can help your personal and spiritual growth.

Benefits of a psychedelic retreat

At Essence we offer psychedelic retreats with psilocybin to help you transform your life. Our retreats can help you be more conscious and connected with the mystical realm. Benefits of a psychedelic retreat include optimal preparation, a safe and supportive environment, helpful guides during your “Ceremony” and assistance with integration of the profound mystical experience.

Psychedelic retreat at Essence Institute

We offer 3-day retreats in which you will be guided through this beautiful and unique inner journey. Tools will be handed to your beforehand so you can experience psilocybin most optimally. After the Ceremony it will take some time to integrate what you have learned. We are there to assist you during the integration process, so you get the most out of your experience with Essence.

A psychedelic retreat at Essence Institute

A psilocybin retreat at Essence is based on three days. During the first day we will focus on intention, set and setting, followed by a delicious dinner and preparation for the ceremony. On the second day you will experience psilocybin. We start the day with some yoga and body- and breathwork. We do this in order to ground yourself. Next, you will be given a high-dose of psilocybin truffles. Just relax and let go. The experience, also called a ceremony, will last about six to eight hours. Once the ceremony is completed you will have dinner. On the third day we will focus on integrating your experience into your daily life. You will likely have more clarity and creativity. In order for you to fully integrate your experience and profound insights we focus on processing and integrating the ceremony. The day is completed with guidance on how to make the most of your psychedelic experience and how to maintain long-lasting results.

It is not uncommon for people to report a lasting increase in wellbeing, more openness, less anxiety and improved creativity after a psilocybin retreat. These effects are not temporarily. A psychedelic retreat like this can alter your life for the better.

Psychedelics, psychedelic retreats and the future of the mental health industry

Psychedelic retreats are for anyone that is willing to increase their overall wellbeing, support heir (spiritual) growth and live a more meaningful life. With international travel making it possible to go to the Netherlands and experience an optimal Ceremony, it is more easy than ever to experience psychedelics yourself.

Psychedelics are a hot topic nowadays. Even some of Silicon Valley’s biggest investors are placing their bets on the legalization of psilocybin, among other psychedelics, to improve the mental health industry permanently.  Peter Thiel, for instance, is making thousands of doses of psilocybin for the treatment of depression with his company called Compass. The future of psychedelics looks promising. Will you be part of this future?

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